I’m allowed to gush…

… So gush I shall!

My oldest qualified for the State track meet in all three events for which he tried out!  To be honest, I thought he was just having a good time and never even considered he could go to the next level. I really think it’s amazing for the first time out. At the very least, this ought to make for a great day out. If he does really well, it could lead to a weekend at HersheyPark, and that is just awesome.

The 2nd one earned this:


I once had a boss who said this was the best award and her favorite one to give. It’s the ultimate expression of “You have to be in it to win it.” My hope is that he always takes his education (as well as his health) this seriously.

The youngest boy graduated from Pre-K today. I tried to get him to practice reading and writing and whatnot at home between helping the other kids with homework and teaching part time. It wasn’t good. He just wasn’t responding. So the hubs and I resolved to send him to Pre-K the year before Kindergarten. I can’t even describe to you how resoundingly well it worked. He’s reading, adding, spelling, counting by groups; he knows all his colors and his address. And the theme of the event? Adorable!

As for the baby? Well… she’s gotten really good at waving to people on demand. She’s sleeping better, and eats like a champ. Her personality is blooming, so there’s much more to her than being cute. Although she’s good at that , too.

The living is pretty good right now.


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