Hot in Herre…

Summer is starting with a bang, and by that I mean a heat wave. Sunny and humid most of the day, followed by a thunderstorm… I guess I moved to Florida and didn’t know it. 

I don’t like to complain about the weather- I try not to complain about anything, and prefer to roll with it. But something about the heat…. makes me cranky and incapable of proper grammar usage. It’s sad, really; crabby and incoherent is no way to parent. Thank goodness I have access to a pool. 

Every year I try to find more and better ways to fill the time during summer vacation with my kids. This year will involve many more books and a bowling alley (a nearby place offers 2 free games for kids every day of summer– hello, rainy mornings!) 

So here’s to a good, eventful, fun summer break!


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