Mommy Confessions, 1 of…

(Who knows how many of these I’ll end up with?) This is a post to say random things that wouldn’t really merit their own post, kind of like a montage episode of an ’80s sitcom.

  • I seem to carry all my tension in my face. I have a little caffeine headache, and I was trying to massage it out… my forehead is so freaking sore, I wondered if I hit my head and forgot about it (did I? No… I hope!).
  • My kids love taco night…. I mostly like that they make their own dinner. I just have to cook/prepare the parts.
  • There has never been a batch of macaroni and cheese that I haven’t eaten at least one spoonful of. 
  • I bought a dollhouse that’s as tall as my 9-year-old. We have no room for it, but I had to get it. 
  • I’m supposed to drink 3-5 liters of water every day. I don’t.
  • I’ve never eaten a corn dog.
  • I have, however, eaten deep fried Oreos. Several times. And they are effing amazing.
  • I would like to think I don’t need coffee, but the caffeine headache has gotten pretty bad.

So with that, it’s bedtime.


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