A side “note,” if you will

In case you haven’t noticed, I do tend to quote pop songs, mostly from the ’80s.

I’m almost too young for most folk to believe this, but I was “there” when MTV started. My dad, who moved to the US in the ’70s, was a big fan of popular American radio. That coupled with the advent of cable TV meant that when that magical combination of music and television arrived, my family was all over it.

My sister (who is 8 1/2 years older than I) was definitely the fangirl of the ’80s music. She’s the one who had the Journey, Styx, and Duran Duran posters all over our room. The one who got to go to the Rush concert at Madison Square Garden. The one who wore the fingerless lace gloves and jelly bangles. The one who will probably be embarrassed if she finds out that I’ve written that last part down.

Saturdays at my house, especially in the summer, meant sitting at the dining room table with my summer library choices and MTV playing in the background. I adored watching the videos… “She Blinded Me With Science,” “Rio,” and “Dancing in the Dark.” Most of them were pretty cheesy, even then. The clothes and the hair… Dee Snider and David Lee Roth made me laugh.

Girls just wanted to have fun, and I would dance if I wanted to, leaving my friends behind. My house was in the middle of my street, and I knew that the owner of a lonely heart was better than the owner of a broken heart. Martha Quinn and Mark Goodman introduced me and the rest of America to Madonna, Prince, and Devo.

Even today, when I’m listening to my satellite radio and a song from the ’80s comes on, I’m taken back to my childhood. I recall the words that were buried in the recesses of my brain faster than even I can believe it.

Too rah, too rah tah loo rah.
He bop, she bop, a we bop.
Too shy-shy, hush-hush, eye-to-eye.

“Springsteen, Madonna, way before Nirvana
There was U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV.”

You get what I’m saying.


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