Our Mum, she’s so House-proud…

… except, I’m not. Yeah– I’m back to thinking about cleaning. I know I’ve talked about it before, but this stuff keeps coming around.

I don’t know if I ever really learned to keep house. Maybe my mother never taught me; maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when she was. Either way, I know how to clean my house, but all too often, I just let everything go. I’d rather read, play with my kids, hang on Facebook, watch TV…. anything other than cleaning.

I know that it can get better. I just have to pick my battles… it’s just that I pick the easy ones all the time. Anyone can defeat laundry or the dishes– you have to eat, and you have to be dressed in public. I even annihilate the desk junk-monster on a regular basis. It’s the bigger stuff that I prefer to ignore: the pile of clothes that don’t fit anyone now but will fit someone soon; the random things that gather on the bookshelf; the kids’ art pile.

The fact that the Hubs forgets stuff on his way out the door has convinced me that something needs to change. He needs s p a c e . . .

We all need space.

And we’ll get there. Just not today. Today, I’ll clear off the dining room table. And maybe the bookshelves.

Here’s to learning to keep house consistently.


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