I read the news today, oh boy…

(That’s right… I will rock out with the classics as well!)

To answer the question, “What do you do all day?” I decided to put together one of those Day in the Life photo blogs. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m pretty boring. But it’s the truth. And the truth is worth broadcasting, in my opinion. So here goes…


Already? I was just in the middle of a dream… well, no I wasn’t, but I couldn’t pass up a reference to another 80s song! But seriously, this is kinda early for me. Why am I up at this hour?


Oh yeah… nature’s cutest alarm clock.


I’ve been kind of lazy about taking my basal temp in the morning (I’m a big proponent of understanding my body instead of manipulating it chemically. That’s why we practice NFP. I’ll just leave it at that.) So I took my temp while the baby was nursing. Then we all promptly went back to sleep.


Ah, that’s more like it. The Hubs took care of the boys, and they were just hanging out when Buttercup and I finally emerged.


The first of many. And boy, did she need it! Whew!


I just read an article about how wasteful, inefficient,  and generally crappy the Keurig is, but I don’t freaking care. I think the coffee tastes great, and since I’m the only one who drinks coffee in my house, I feel this is the best way to get my daily cup. And I do drink only one cup a day. That’s my absolute favorite mug there. I slammed it into the faucet a week or so ago and it’s got a crack in the rim… not terribly damaged,  but I was sad. At least I can still use it.


Buttercup’s breakfast. She’s a hungry girl. I also add in her vitamins in the bowl.


Well…that was fast.


Yes, I eat, too. But it’s really important that I take my vitamins, as well as fish oil and flaxseed oil. Gotta be healthy, be a good example.


Ugh… I’m outing myself with one of my worst habits. What’s sad is that my sink is so small that it’s not really a lot of dishes causing this mess! Here, I’ll show you…


Literally 10 minutes later. Maybe admitting this will help me break the bad habit….maybe.


Buttercup is a bit of a peanut. A little too much so. So she needs to eat…a lot. So we supplement with formula. She’s nearly a year old, anyway. Besides,  it helps her get ready for a nap.
Also, the Hubs has this day off, so he and the boys went to the free summer movies. What an amazingly wonderful idea! I don’t take the kids to the movies very often. So now they get the movie theater experience at a much better price.


I declared a rare “Crock Pot Thursday” and made…. barbecue… something. Probably pork. Did I mention I did this a couple weeks ago? This picture also highlights the wear and tear my slow cooker is enduring. I’ve used this appliance more in the past ten weeks than I have in the past ten years. How long do those things last, anyway?


A quick lunch:macaroni, green beans, and chicken from #CPT.


(If you read the novel “1984,” you’ll understand this better…) Ungood: having to do laundry. Plus ungood: having to leave your home to do laundry in a laundry room or laundromat. Double plus ungood: having to leave your home to do laundry when it’s raining. At least it was only one load.


A good way to pass the time. I recommend this book… a fictional rendering of Fitzgerald’s life and “the one who got away.”


Oh good… all done. That’s two loads, actually. I must have been holding the bag of baby clothes when I took the picture. (That would be the pile of pink stuff in back.)

1371107_10201983483734170_705350122_o (1)

Packing the diaper bag. I am forever forgetting to replenish the supply of diapers, so I’m probably checking, because Buttercup and I are heading to music rehearsal.


If you can make out the titles and lyrics, you’ll soon realize this is for a Renaissance faire. I had no idea how geeky it was when I started going to them in high school. But apparently they’re quite the punchline. Oh well, I’ve embraced it. That, and my kids will look awesome in garb… geek-ifying the next generation.


A little post-singing snack. The cup and bag are empty because I had my snack in the car on the way home and wasn’t about to take the picture while driving. I take driving safety very seriously.


Back at home, time for bed. Although truth be told, Buttercup had something else in mind. I tried to put her in bed since she was asleep here, but that woke her up. So we were up until midnight calming her down and getting her back to sleep. Woot.

This is one of my more eventful days. But every day has something worth sharing. That’s what this blog is all about, right? Here’s to happy incidents and eventful days.


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