Why is there salt on the rim of Mommy’s coffee cup?

(How did this not post? I must have been losing my mind. But hey… it’s worth posting.)

(I can’t take credit for that… but I don’t remember who the comedian was who said it.)

In case it wasn’t obvious, today is the first day of school. All three boys woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed,  brushed teeth, and were ready to go at least 15 minutes before they needed to be. I am documenting this because it’s most likely the last day this is going to happen. The hubs took them to the bus, and they got to see Grandma pulling in. She volunteered to watch Buttercup so the hubs and I could both attend the Kindergarten First Day Celebration.

This is the third time we’ve had this event, but only the second time I was able to join in. The kids were all settled in when we got to the room, and they were about to read a story. I won’t drone on about the details,  but we did a few art projects and took a tour of the building.

The older boys had half-day kindergarten,  but now the Pint Size Genius is full day. That means I wasn’t meeting him at home right after he was done with his first day. He’s spending a lot of time in school before I get to see him again. I’ll be okay. I think.

Speaking of PSG,  he lost his first tooth yesterday!  I totally didn’t see it coming.

Here’s to a great new school year.


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