Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow’s been canceled!

I guess it’s about time I commented on this whole government shutdown thing…

Well, I’m not sure what to say.  I don’t consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, so I don’t really side with either group. But it’s not about sides. When it comes to a nation operating,  we’re all on the same side.  Like it or not, people are needed to make our country do what it has to do. The argument about healthcare at this point is just a red herring, and as we all know, that is the stuff of Communism.

Is the concept of national healthcare faulty? Sure. But the idea that the government needs to help those who cannot help themselves is a bell that cannot be unrung at this point. It’s in the government’s best interests to keep society running. Trouble is when folks who can do for themselves don’t, and the people who do well feel punished for their own success.

What bothers me is that people are caught in the crossfire. The people who were just plugging along with one government agency or other, regardless of what political party they have been aligned with in the past.  A job is a job, and is a damn sight better than what so many other people have. No one takes a job like theirs to milk the taxpayers.  It’s not their fault the federal government is the company that created the job they wanted. So it’s frustrating to see people be so flippant about how those people aren’t working.

So here’s to finding a way out of this mess. I kinda hope there’s a solution that no one likes.  Then I’ll be convinced that it might be fair.


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