The opportunity that wasn’t…

Have you ever watched the folks on the Dr. Oz Show talk about their poop and think to yourself, “How do they get these people to talk about this??”

Apparently it’s not that hard. I was willing to do it.

I happened to be putzing around Facebook (like you do) and saw a post from the Dr. Oz Show asking about snoring. In the grand scheme of things, the fact that I snore isn’t too embarrassing… Besides, I don’t usually snore. It mostly happens when I’m very pregnant (which is NOT NOW). But it has been happening again recently. So I went ahead to the website and told my story. I’ve done that a couple times, for different shows, and nothing ever comes of it.
So imagine my surprise when I was contacted by a production assistant to cone on the show and talk to “America’s Doctor”! So exciting!

I sent emails back and forth to the guy, and sent him pictures so that he could get wardrobe to have stuff for me (eep!), and generally make arrangements to be on the show.

Until I got the email that said they were “going in a different direction” with the segment, and that they wouldn’t need me.

Well, shit.

On the bright side, it was going to be a huge hassle to have the kids taken care of while we went to the city, and we didn’t have to worry about that. The hubs and I were invited to be in the audience anyway, but we decided against it.

The Dr. Oz Show is going to have a segment on the phenomenon “Witchy Resting Face Syndrome” soon. I might get my chance after all. I’ll keep you posted.


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