Let the holiday onslaught begin!

I say that as though it hasn’t already started in the world at large, but I was pretty good at avoiding it. The first holiday song I listen to is “Alice’s Restaurant.” I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving to unleash the holiday spirit, and this year is no different. Sure, it’s already Hanukkah, and Advent begins Sunday, but I really wasn’t in any hurry despite the time crunch. Our advent wreath is ready to go, and we’re clearing spaces for the Manger scene and the Tree (#CatholicProblems, right?). I’m making a wish list, and it it’s way different than lists of years past. The shopping list had been shortened as well, and I really hope it works out.
Let me be clear: I’m not a Scrooge. I love Christmas, always have. But I’m not kidding when I call it the holiday onslaught. It’s all so… “in your face” these days. It’s just too much. I love hearing Christmas Carols, but it seems like everyone has their own version of Jingle Bells, or White Christmas, or O Holy Night…. I just. Don’t. Need. To. Hear. Them. All.

Especially not within one hour.

So I’ll be applying radio to my ears sparingly. Pop music is good in December, too.

I also don’t shop this weekend. I did it once, and while it was a good experience, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Being essentially broke helps, to be honest.

I like to think I’m getting it right. My kids aren’t greedy, and show proper appreciation for what they get. We donate when we can, because we’re still better off than other folks and we know it. So maybe it doesn’t look all bling-y. Maybe Christmas doesn’t puke all over my home.

Maybe, just maybe, moderation is the key to surviving the holidays. (Rum-spiked apple cider would be good, too.)


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