Too Shy

(hush hush, eye to eye…Yeesh, this is getting weird!)

We had some photos printed this evening. (Couldn’t beat the price: a16x20 on stretched canvas, 8×20 banner with a silver finish, and a 5×7 mounted photo…all for free! I just had to pay tax.) They look gorgeous; obviously, since my kids are the subjects. (I’m dead serious– the Hubs and I aren’t the only ones who think my children are downright breathtaking. It’s a real ego boost.)

One of the pictures we had made into a 5×7 was of my grandmother (God rest her soul) with Buttercup at her baptism. It’s one if the last major events she attended before she passed last February. On our way home, the Hubs and I were talking about how great it was that we had a nice picture of a loved one who has passed. That’s when it occurred to us that we don’t have pictures of many family members at all, let alone any of folks we want our kids to remember. We need to do something about that. Those lovely folks who deserve a visual memorial were the type to hang back, not be in the picture. I feel like that happens a lot.
These weren’t people who geared the camera, who were somehow ashamed…they were just busy. They were up getting someone what they needed instead of sitting with the folks in the shot. They were in the kitchen, out in the car, or off at the store.
I want to be that person: the one who helps. But I also want to be visually present as well as emotionally present. Here’s to striking the proper balance.


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