I wasn’t dreaming of this…

I couldn’t care less about having a White Christmas. But we’ve had three snow events already, and the winter solstice hasn’t happened yet. Unless there’s another storm next week, it’ll be more of a, “dingy, crusty, dirt-and-tar-streaked Christmas” anyway.
So far, the boys have had a delayed opening, an early dismissal, and one full-on snow day: that’s today.

Last night, we got the call that it was a delayed opening. The boys were already in bed, and the hubs and decided to stay up late watching TV (he already had the day off). So we posted a note on the door telling the boys to let us sleep in a little.

Would you believe it worked? Granted, the only one who didn’t heed our note was the one who doesn’t read. Buttercup let me sleep in a whopping half hour. But the boys were in the living room, reading and playing with the rubber band loom. The Regulator made me a ring, and wrote a note to go with it.

I should be cleaning, sorting, decorating, baking. But I’d end up crabbing, nagging, grumping, and sassing. Not a way to spend the day. If it so happens that I can get any of the former accomplished without the latter, great.


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