Oh, Universe… why you ackin’ so cray-cray?

Like most moms, the default answer to a lot of my kids’ requests is ‘no.’ We’re all intellectually aware that we say it more often than we should, but it’s a very easy answer to give, and darn it, we’re not often wrong to say it.

“Mom, can I download a questionable file on our only working computer?”

“Mommy, I’m going to walk on the road instead of the sidewalk when I’m behind you, ok?”

“Mom, I bet my baby sister bounces if I throw her. Wanna see? For scientific purposes.”

The Regulator found a bunch of glow sticks that Grandma had given them last summer. We had way too much rain while on vacation to play with them outside on the beach, and they subsequently got shuffled away. Of course I didn’t want them to take them out, especially when they got all giddy thinking what great light sabers they would make! But then I said to myself, “self– they’re quite mature. They can handle playing with them. Besides the room is clean, so they can play in the dark without losing teeth by falling on something. What could possibly go wrong?”

(mimicking Jimmy Fallon) Thank you, glow sticks, for showing me EXACTLY what could go wrong.

After several minutes of giggles and thuds that were not immediately followed by crying, The Regulator made his way to the bathroom laughing about how he “glowed up his hands.” One of his sticks cracked (I guess the plastic goes brittle after 6 months) and the stuff oozed onto his hands. I figure it wasn’t the biggest problem, so I just let him go to the bathroom and clean himself up. But then…. ohhhhh, THEN!! He goes back into the bedroom and freaks out: 

“What did you do?!?!?! It’s EVERYWHERE!!”

Well– that will get your butt in gear! I go into the room to see little glowing spots all over the room. Toughie thought it would be a good idea to splatter the glowing stuff around the bedroom. It looked like the beginning of a rave. Or a planetarium. Either way, I was not pleased. 

Thankfully, the stuff doesn’t last very long outside of the tube, and the rest I washed off with plain water. But that was not fun, not in the least. And I’ll thank you to notice that I never threatened the boy with the Naughty List. He was sufficiently sorry, so I didn’t have to force the point.


On a serious note, someone I love dearly who says “yes” to life better than anyone I know is suffering a loss. To be forced to answer the question, “are you having a baby?” with “no” when the answer was “yes” so recently… it hurts. But she is blessed with family and friends who are there for her. Who knows: she might have chance to say “yes” once again. Either way, she will carry on. So we support her in that.


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