Zero to Hero, Day 21

Today’s assignment: publish a post inspired by your post from Day 19, and publicize it on one or more of your social networks.

I publicize on Facebook and Twitter already, each time I post. And I don’t know if my Day 19 post ‘inspired’ me all that much other than to make me giggle. 

But I will mention here (as I did in a reply to one of my own posts) that the picture ‘inspired’ a negative comment. I have the power of moderation, and used it. As I said the other day– I want to maintain a reputation of being positive.

That being said, I’m happy to report that I’ve actually caught up with the Zero to Hero Assignments (I’m having trouble activating the ‘Zero to Hero’ badge, but I’ll get it in the next week, I’m sure). I’ve found a lot of great blogs (and some really strange ones…) and have really come to enjoy this blogging thing. My dream is to someday have a post go viral, and to that end I have followed a couple blogs that had been passed along on my Facebook. Perhaps I can learn from them in terms of style and subject.

Here’s to standing on the shoulders of giants!


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