Zero to Hero, Day 22:


Today’s challenge: Find a blogging event (try our Blog Event Listings) and throw your hat into the ring.

I used to be the one making these up for students; the tables have turned, and that’s ok. After scanning the listings at the linky-thingy, this is the one I chose.


Event Type: Fiction & Flash Fiction, Poetry

Start Date: Sunday, recurring weekly

Description: The ONLY “rule” is that you use the picture I’ve posted to make the story (or poem — yes, yes; I’ll also allow poetry). That’s it.

You don’t even have to do a story as such, it could be a thought, a memory or a feeling that you get from it, basically anything involving words.

Please comment on the photo post with a link back to your story/poem/whatever you wrote, so that I can link the credits on the following challenge.

OrganizerCognitive Reflection

Visit blog on Sundays for a photo and full event details.

At the very least, it’s yet another blog to follow on my reader (which is good, because it’s been looking a little unbalanced in there). 

Here’s to keeping a commitment to myself and my audience (which still humbles the heck out of me). 


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