Zero to Hero, Day 27: Incident revisited

Today’s assignment: Pick your favorite of all the tasks we’ve done so far, and revisit it. How can you continue to grow? (Bonus: revisit a post that’s been on your mind, and make the edits you’ve been thinking about.)

Okie-dokie… how’s about this one?

Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

Photo? Done.

.gif? Done.

Tweet? hmmmm…..

(Of course, when I tried to do this, Twitter froze up on me…. whatever happened to the fail whale?) So, anyway…here:


I really like this guy– I don’t usually read my husband’s Discover magazine, but I read his “Impatient Futurist” article a while back (which I don’t think he does anymore). I followed him on Twitter, which gives me a chance to read more of his stuff. And what’s really cool is that when I find occasion to comment on his articles, he sometimes responds.

He talks a lot about the obesity problem in America. Especially how it affects children. Although I don’t happen to have obese children, I find the issue important. So I like seeing that someone is talking about it and supplementing his statements with scientific study. (Accidental alliteration aside…)

Here’s to learning something new every day.


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