Zero to Hero, Day 29: It’s time to get regular

(Oh, my…. aw, who am I kidding! I totally intended it to come across that way!)

Today’s assignment: Think through your idea editorial calendar. Bonus: develop a regular feature for your blog

I do expect to blog daily (…she says after being away from the blog for a solid week…), and this challenge was supposed to help me post on a more consistent basis. But the challenge can’t do that for me– if it could, I wouldn’t be binge-posting. 

I would like there to be a regular posting feature on the blog. Maybe my own edition of “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” of which there is constant supply in my house. I tried to do this before on my old blog: I called it “The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Day.” But I found myself scrambling to post one every day, and eventually I just gave up. Perhaps a weekly round-up would make for something more substantial. 

Here’s to giving things a spin.


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