I hate to fail

Does anyone like it, really? Faulty thesis statement: C+ at best.

Trouble is, it keeps happening. 

I am determined to keep up my prayer habits; I don’t.

I resolve to keep a clean home: crash and burn.

I set about to be a successful professional: I guess since I’m typing this from my home and not a job, you can answer that one.

I make plans to be more than a mediocre mom: Can’t say as I fail miserably… but I slip up on occasion, and I get so disappointed.

I can’t even finish a medication prescription without missing at least one dose!

Even on the days I don’t look like a total schlumpadinka, I’ve skipped some step that would probably make me look better.

Losing weight? Nope. Keeping up with bills? Nuh-uh. Staying in touch with friends without the aid of a computer screen? Nooooooo…. There are only 29 days to my 30-day blogging challenge, for the love of Mike!  Remember Operation Double Down? Not even happening (Can’t help that one– Buttercup went back to 5-hour naps on her own). 

Maybe I need professional help. Blog therapy is a start.

Here’s to finding a track to get on in the first place.


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