You better shop around

This is probably the moment when I really wish my blog was insanely popular. Not because I want to be famous (although who doesn’t??), but rather because I would probably get the right attention to actually solve my dilemma.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big dilemma, but it does affect me in my everyday, away from the blogosphere life. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I don’t always stay at home. I have to see other people sometimes, and I’d like to not scare them when we meet.

Also, as any mom can tell you, having a baby causes a shift in perspective. I did let myself go a little bit– I’ve already blogged enough about my appearance to prove that– but I realized that as Buttercup gets older I have to be her role model for healthy living. It’s not vanity to want to be clean or well put together on a regular basis. So I’ve made a few changes here and there to be a good model for my daughter.

Before I got married, I was a makeup everyday/cleansing every night type. I could roll up to the Clinique counter just as often as the bar on a Saturday night.  I even got the Hubs into it, because he really had dry skin issues- he’s hardly one to be vain, either. And now that he works with people up close and personal, needs to put his best face forward, as it were.

But as marriage, kids, and work pervaded my life, my cosmetic endeavors waned. I was up too early or too late to take care of my face. I blamed my severe acne on pregnancy hormones. I skipped most makeup when I was running out the door for work (unless I was pregnant again and needed to hide the dark splotches on my chin that came along with it).

But as I said, there’s a pretty little face watching me. So I’ve become more regimented in the skin care routine. Wash, apply toner, and use a BB cream in the morning and a skin renewer at night. Heavy lotion after showering in the winter to hold in moisture and a lighter one in the summer to prevent skin damage.

Clinique was always my “go-to” when it came to cosmetics, and quite honestly I’d like to say they still are. But I just cannot justify the cost anymore! So I’ve been trying to find decent alternatives at the local drugstore and largish department store (think ‘bullseye’…). Now comes the dilemma (thanks for holding on this long to read it): now that I’m running out of face care supplies, I’m not sure if I should purchase the same ones over again or look for something new. Should I go back to the Clinique counter, or save some money by going elsewhere? Do I need to purchase acne-fighting products, or will I be okay with regular products used consistently? I used to think that the products were all ineffective, but truth be told the great issue was my inconsistency.

If only I had the blogging clout to get my hands on a bunch of samples. I joined one of those websites that promises to send you a bunch of free stuff, but they never work out as well as I expect. I’d happily review the products for the companies. If anyone knows how to make that happen, get in touch with me, ok?


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