Being the butt of a good joke…

…or a good pun. Either way.

My former college roommate (who shall heretofore be referred to as “Roommie”…like she always is in real life) and I woke up extra super-duper early this past Sunday, got some coffee and donuts (Breakfast of Champions!) and drove over an hour to Brooklyn– Prospect Park, to be precise. Why did I drive all the way to Brooklyn? To take a nice walk around the park. 

Trust me: it was for a good cause: the Colon Cancer Coalition. I know someone who was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at a remarkably young age. He seems to be free of the cancer now, and is trying to live the normal life he deserves. I joined his “team” this year to walk the 5K and raise money for Colon Cancer research. It’s part of a series of fundraising events known as… get this… Get Your Rear in Gear.

It’s ok to laugh. I think. I know I got a little bent out of shape over all the breast-related puns for Breast Cancer, but no one thinks the colon is sexy (maybe someone does– I don’t know everyone’s life) and a little humor goes a long way to getting conversations started.

There was another team with shirts that said “Busting ours to Save Yours.” The director of the event wore a shirt that said “ Your : ” (That’s supposed to be a “check” mark– closest I could find was the square root. Meh).


Me and Roommie before we started. 


We finished in just under an hour, which I think is pretty good, considering we’re only slightly more that 5 feet tall and were walking slowly enough to carry on a conversation. 

Here’s to a world without cancer.




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