Monthly Archives: September 2014

Can’t beat the price!

I try to not flaunt it, but I’m kinda cheap. So whenever I get the chance to get a free sample, I usually go for it. Every so often it results in a new favorite product that I’ll actually pay for, or at the very least there’s a nice little sample-sized something I can take with me if I’m traveling. 

So I got an offer for a free ChapStick® Hydration Lock Moisturize & Renew or ChapStick® Hydration Lock Day & Night. I believe it is a new product, and I’m being a kind of guinea pig for it. I do have to alert you that I’m getting it free for testing purposes. And you can get more info about the product by going here:

Clicky the linky, please. Enjoy it… or don’t. Thanks!


Just say no

No “first day of school” pictures.
No “I want to be a ________ when I grow up!” posters.
No special outfits.
No Instagram.
No hashtags.
No tears. No anxiety.

Business as usual.