Monthly Archives: October 2014

We’re here because we’re here because…

We’re here because we’re here! (It’s supposed to be sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne.”)

I participated in a Post-a-Day challenge to jumpstart my blogging back in January– which I don’t think I finished, but oh well. One of the main reasons I did it was to clarify my blogging focus. 

I’d like to say I’m funny: in fact, I say it all the time. But this is not exactly a comedy blog. While I am often pleased with my ability to turn a phrase, It doesn’t happen consistently enough to say with confidence that humor is my niche.

I am comfortable with my opinions; however, I tend to not voice all of them here. Let’s just say I know enough to know what I don’t know. I’m not here to “get into it” with random people online. So this isn’t any sort of hot button issue blog.

My kids factor heavily into my blog entries: I don’t think of myself as a Mommy Blogger. Even when I post something about how to Mom, I eventually find a blog post from an actual Mommy Blogger who makes a similar statement in much better language than I ever could. So I’m a mom with a blog, but not really a Mommy Blogger.

So why am I here? What role does this blog play in my life? Is it actually important to me?

Here’s to figuring out those answers.


What to say, what to say…

I got a tablet when my mini-laptop died. It’s pretty awesome. I can check e-mail, post to social media (or maybe a blog), play some games, and of course get some work done. Working for PartyLite, the majority of my “business” is done via email and social media anyway. But it started getting a little tedious. See, tablet = no keyboard. And I’m not really in love with typing on a screen, even though Ido it all the time on my phone. In fact, I was content to do work on my phone because the tablet keyboard was uncomfortable. What I wanted was one of those nifty external keyboards. But they were on the expensive side– nothing available for less than $70. That’s kind of demanding as a gift, and definitely not an amount I’d be willing to spend on myself.

Tonight, the Hubs comes home, having stopped at BJ’s on his way (the milk prices alone are with the membership fee!) and announces that he has a present for me. In his bag. He opens the bag.
Bananas– that wasn’t the gift.
Kids’ vitamins– that wasn’t the gift.
The he pulls out a box and hands it to me.
A Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. It was on clearance. Less than $30.

I’m totally digging it. So much so that I had to write a blog post.

Here’s to getting more stuff done.