Monthly Archives: March 2015

I feel pretty…

Disclaimer: As per FTC regulations, please note that I received these products at no cost for testing purposes.

As you may know, I am an “Influenster” and as such get free products on occasion so that I can test them and review them. Lemme tell you , if you like getting suprise presents in your mailbox, you should really join up with sites like Influenster! (There are others, but I’ll save that for another blog post).

I recently got an email reminding me to check in my latest box so they would know when to send me surveys. Except I didn’t have a box– I wasn’t expecting a box! Were they teasing me with free stuff that I wasn’t actually going to get? They send these boxes to literally hundreds of thousands of people, so a glitch here or there wouldn’t be impossible. So I left it be.

THEN!!! There was a box on my doorstep a couple days later. My kids don’t get why I was so thrilled, but they think everything they get is free, so whatevs.


A full-size set of Dessange Paris hair products for dry and overprocessed hair awaited me inside the box. There was some info on a card inside explaining that Dessange is the official hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival, and is very popular with French actresses. So– let’s be honest- this is not the kind of stuff a thrifty mom like me would have looked at twice!

I had literally just used my last drop of 2-in-1-shampoo-conditioner-that-I-got-on-sale-and-didn’t-love, so I busted open the bottles of Oleo Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner and tried them out. They smell so good and work so well! My hair felt soft straight out of the shower (sometimes a harsher shampoo leaves hair feeling almost crunchy after towel drying). I pumped out a few drops of the Replenishing Oil and ran it through my hair…and then I put it to the ultimate test: My “Wet 2 Straight” flat iron. It has steam vents so that I can dry and straighten my hair in one step.

These products worked together and made my hair look fantastic! I felt confident and wasn’t constantly throwing it into a ponytail. It’s soft and smooth, and I feel it counters any damage I might be doing with home coloring.


I think the big question at this point is, would I buy it for myself?

I’m not sure. My thrifty nature may trump my pleasure with these products. But knowing how well it works, I may be swayed. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy using the products. Because, after all, #JadoreDessange!