Checking in

Hey folks, long time no blog.

I’ve been thinking about re-committing to blogging, because it really helps to break up the monotony I have been  living in.

But first, a recap:
1. I went from random soccer mom to the Vice President of the soccer club. It’s actually a lot of work, because it means I’m also the Registrar, Webmaster, Facebook administrator, and Fundraising Coordinator.
2. I’ve become a travel agent, specializing in cruises and honeymoons. I think I was meant for a job like that, because I love helping people have a good time. Plus, I love going to seminars! Meeting new people and getting fascinating information on ships and resorts. So much fun!
3. I’m back tutoring. It’s nice to still use what I learned to help kids, and I feel like I’m making a difference in that one-on-one situation.
4. I’m considering shopping out my book. I’ve mentioned my writing here before, but it seems so much more real to say that. It’s kind of a big deal.

Despite all these things, I find the days blending together. The plight of the  stay-at-home mom: Everything gets done; nothing gets finished.

Here’s to making it all work.


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