That’s so meta…

Maybe it’s ironic… I don’t think people use either term correctly, anyway. I might not be using it correctly, either.

I’m talking (well– typing) about talking about writing.

As I’ve said before, I’m writing this….story. With a lot of hard work it could become a trilogy or series. The first part is almost done… And I’ve frozen. I’m not out of ideas- in fact, I just figured a way out of a major plot hole. It’s just that I keep writing for the later parts, the parts that will go nowhere without the first part. I added in a totally gratuitous vignette that maaaaybe has no real place in the story. (Ooh, maybe it does! Just thought of something.)
I really should have finished the first part last week while the kids were in school. But now they’re home and want to, you know, do stuff. And I have to clean up, and get ready for family outings, and do the soccer club thing, and keep the kids from letting their brains ooze out their ears. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera….
Here’s to doing enough to look like I’m doing it all.


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