30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 3

3. Your first love and your first kiss; if separate, discuss both.

Um. Memories again. This isn’t going to be very interesting.

I think the first real “boyfriend/girlfriend” kiss was freshman year of HS, with a boy in marching band. That was about it. He was a nice enough guy, but there wasn’t really a relationship there. I hope he found someone wonderful.

My first love? There are so many definitions to that…
My dad is my hero first and foremost. He was the one who saw my potential even when I couldn’t.

I always remember being really good at having crushes on boys. Never doing much about it, but that didn’t stop me from “falling in love” (or something like it) on the regular.

I know I got my heart broken really badly in HS (not the first kiss guy– I probably did the heart breaking there). To this day, I can barely talk about it. I still find it hard to wish that guy as well.

It actually took until I started dating the Hubs to realize how badly I had been broken– because he put everything back in place. So I guess my husband is my first real love, mostly because he was able to love me back.

Here’s to loving love.


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