30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 5

5. A place you would live, but have never visited.

That’s easy, because I don’t travel much.

I used to: my family took me to Ecuador and Puerto Rico to visit family, and in HS and college I went on all sorts of trips with band and choir. And I’m now an independent travel agent, so I expect to be able to travel again soon.

So I would say I would live in Toronto, because it was really nice. But I’ve been to Toronto, so it doesn’t fit the criteria.

I’d have to say Ireland. As my brother-in-law the Legal Lawyer alluded to in his best man toast, I do love all things Irish. My roommate from college is Irish and goes there almost every summer (I keep asking her to put me in one of her suitcases, but she just hasn’t complied…). We were supposed to go my senior year of college, but the trip included Belfast and I think there was still some civil unrest at the time, so it didn’t happen. I ended up taking a class that required us to go to Rome for 10 days. That was fantastic, and I’m counting on those 3 coins I tossed into the Trevi to bring me back someday.

Here’s to the jetsetters. May I one day have my chance to join them.


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