30 Day Writing Channel, Day 6

6. Someone who fascinates you and why

Didn’t I just say the other day that I’m trying not to be obsessive about people? I’m not good at fangirling. It’s only happened a handful of times, but whenever I meet someone even marginally famous, I get all sorts of stupid. I met Kevin Hearn (of Barenaked Ladies) once– could have asked him soooo many things but couldn’t think of anything in that moment. Just met Tony Dovolani (from Dancing with the Stars) a couple months ago– I couldn’t let him get a word in edgewise. But he was gracious and let me take a picture with him.

So maybe I don’t talk about an individual who fascinates me. Instead, I should talk about a type of person who fascinates me.

I know I just said recently that I would love to travel more. So people who travel for work or for pleasure fascinate me. The ability to pick up and go, or the ability to make the necessary arrangements– either way, I’m impressed. Maybe that’s why I’ve made an effort to join them.

If I had to pick an individual who I find reflective of the type, I’d have to go with folks like Rick Steves and Samantha Brown. They raise wandering in strange lands to an art form, and help other people try to do the same. I watch their travel logs and follow them on Twitter.

Here’s to fascinating folks– may I someday be one.


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