30 Day Writing Challenge, day 9

9. Your feelings on ageism

I’m not a big fan of anyone being treated unfairly. And I don’t get why people have such a problem with people who are older. We should be congratulating them: the alternative is unthinkable!

What I am a big fan of is the TV series “The Golden Girls.” I can quote that show up and down. I’ll watch re-runs just about any time they’re on (did so tonight, in fact). Back during my freshman year of college, a classmate really put himself out there by quoting the show in reference to our class discussion. Hopefully he was relieved to see that the vast majority of the class completely understood his point.

I have one grandparent left: my paternal grandfather, a former dairy farmer and cheesemaker in Ecuador. He’s in his 90s and lives with one of his 12 kids. In Ecuador. He came up for my wedding. 12 years ago.
The Hubs has both his grandmothers still living. One lives with my in-laws; the other is still in her own home with the help of a 24-hour home health aide. My kids see them quite often.

Here’s to the older generation: may we always value them.


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