30 Day Writing Challenge, day 10

10. A fruit you dislike and why

First, I’m going to take a second to appreciate that the prompt uses the word ‘dislike’ and not ‘hate.’ Those words are not interchangeable. Hate war; hate poverty; hate oppression: don’t hate people or things. That being said…

Fruit, generally speaking, is totally fine with me. I prefer fruit over vegetables when trying to make healthier choices. Bananas are probably my favorite. Smoothies for days, I tell ya!

Occasionally, however, I find fruit… disappointing. The dry orange, the sour grape, the bruised mango, or the mealy peach. Almost feels like a punishment for making a healthy choice. Twinkies and Doritos are bad for you, but at least they are consistent in their badness.

I think, when I am forced to consider the fruit I actually dislike, I have to say pineapple. I can almost always grab an apple or a pear, but fresh pineapple is a chore. I could go for the pre-cut stuff, but I’m more likely to opt for the canned varieties. And when it comes to the occasional disappointment, fresh pineapple carries the greatest risk. I’ve taken bites that are a mouthful of fibrous nothingness.

However… I recently discovered ground cherries. They look like tiny yellow tomatillos with their papery hulls and taste like pineapple. I need to look for those again–they were so yum.

Here’s to making better food choices.


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