30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 13

13. Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

HA! I was hoping you would ask me that!

I’m working on a full transition from SAHM (Stay-at-home Mom) to WFHM (Work-from-home Mom). My commute is all of about 30 seconds: the time it takes for me to get to my computer. There, I blog in hopes of getting more feedback (so if you’re reading this– PLEASE leave a comment!), I tweak my novel (although I usually set up my tablet and Bluetooth keyboard), I take online classes on different cruise lines and other travel options, contact clients and make payments on their behalf, and figure out ways to promote my business. The only exception to my “commuting” is when I drive to my tutoring appointments, which aren’t very far at all.

My kids take the bus to school, so I don’t have a school commute. That may change if we move to a different part of town (but I can’t imagine not living in the town we’re in– it’s the perfect little suburb).

My biggest commuting issue is taking the boys to soccer-related stuff. Someone has practice every day of the week. Games can be an hour away, and sometimes simultaneous and in opposite directions from home. Training (especially the indoor kind) often places an emphasis on timeliness, something my 3-year-old definitely does not understand. So it’s not easy… but I know it’s worthwhile.

Here’s to my current chauffeur status. May it all prove worthwhile.

PS: Speaking of commutes and soccer, here’s me having a little chat on commuting with Eric Wynalda (he spared his family a 3am wakeup call by staying in the hotel from which he broadcasts analysis for Bundesliga matches). Talk about friends in high places!


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