30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 15

15. Three pet peeves

I try not to let things bother me. Really, I do.
But sometimes, it proves so damn difficult…

1. When my mother “helps” me around the house… now, hear me out on this. I am well aware that a lot of people wish they had my problem, and I absolutely believe that my mother is trying to help but…. gah! If she puts away my dishes, but they’re all in the wrong place to the point where I have to do it all over again, is it really “putting them away”? If she’s “cleaning up” by shoving everything into boxes and bags and I can’t find anything, how is that helping? If she throws away things that I need without asking me if I need them… well, you get the idea.

2. Poor grammar. Slang is okay. Colloquialisms are fine. But consistently showing that you have not taken advantage of the language arts that have been provided you by your compulsory education is just totally uncalled for, and makes me upset. Someone taught you how to write properly: don’t insult them by ignoring your instruction.

3. Micro-misogyny. This one is kind of heavy, but it’s really important. I never experienced it until recently, so it’s really strange now. If I send out a message in my capacity as a person in some sort of authority, no one else needs to follow up on that message. Especially someone who is not a part of the organization and has, you know, a penis. It’s 2015: it just doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Here’s to keeping your worries few and your blessings many.


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