30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 16

16. Bullet your entire day

  • Wake up… anywhere between 6:45 and 8am (my husband lets me sleep in. Maybe he shouldn’t.)
  • Make or buy coffee and breakfast (I usually just make my own, because I’m the only coffee drinker in the house.)
  • Watch the Today Show (I’ll be honest: I watch it for entertainment and not news. They’re nice and all, but if I want to learn something about my world, I’ll find BBC World News America.)
  • Attempt work-related things (take a cruise line class, make a couple dummy quotes for cruises, check if payments are due, answer soccer club emails, update information for the soccer club, search for freelance editing/proofreading jobs, and putz around on Facebook and Twitter– like everyone else at work.)
  • Let Buttercup watch her daily allotment of TV (Educational/PBS-type stuff.)
  • Naptime for Buttercup: chores for me. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming. I also watch some daytime talk shows, but they’re recorded so I can skip anything I don’t want to see– takes 2 hours of TV down to about 45 mins.
  • Get Pint Size Genius and Toughie from the bus and started on their snack and homework. Probably do some other chores I didn’t get to before–but today I’m blogging. At some point Buttercup wakes up from her nap.
  • Make and eat dinner: my kids aren’t very into meat right now. That’s okay; Thanksgiving is next week and they’ll be all over that turkey.
  • Take someone to soccer practice…sometimes 2 someones.
  • (Personal training– this one’s new, and only 2x/week. And that’s plenty.)
  • Get home around the same time as the Hubs.
  • Usher dirty/sweaty kids to shower, and then all kids to vitamin taking, teeth brushing, and pajama wearing.
  • Other chore I didn’t get to earlier while kids are sent to bed in age order from youngest to oldest (except Buttercup: thanks to the 3-hour nap she takes, she goes to bed the same time as Regulator).
  • Watch the TV shows I share with the Hubs.
  • Go to bed to do it all over again.

Here’s to routine.


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