30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 17

Before I begin, I’d like to take a second to acknowledge that I’m taking more than 30 days to complete this challenge. It occurred to me that I have no real deadlines on my blog (save the deadlines for things that pay the bills, if you ask me), and that undue pressure sometimes keeps me from finishing projects.  That said…

17. A quote you try to live by.

Ooh, an easy one. I heard this one when I was in college, and it stuck so much that even though I thought that part of life was well behind me, I chose to immortalize in on my blog and my Twitter profile many years later.

“We’re here for a good time– not for a long time.” -Arnold the Juggler

Chris Arnold is a knifethrower and juggler who has been working the Renaissance Faire circut for 30 years (most of them with his son). I have no idea if he came up with the words of wisdom above or if he got them off a fortune cookie or radio personality or whatever. I heard him say it, and I want to live it. Keeps me from taking myself too seriously in life as well as online (something that happens way too often these days).

I was 19 and was selling popcorn out of baskets at the New York Renaissance Faire, making decent money on the weekends while studying to be an English teacher. Now I’ve ended my teaching career and have gone back to the NYRF for two seasons now, instead selling wooden swords and shields. Arnold never left. It’s not the kind of life everyone would want, but it’s the one that has worked for him. I think that’s something worth emulating.

Here’s to knowing what’s important.


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