Hi again, by the way

Hey folks.

If you’re paying attention, I’ve been away for a couple weeks. Lemme e’splain…

I got a message from an old friend and colleague who is a principal of an elementary school. One of his teachers was on medical leave, and he needed a substitute to replace the other substitute. It was only to get the class learning and behaving up until Christmas, and the regular teacher should be back when school reopens in January.

It was everything I loved and everything I hated about teaching in a little 2 1/2 week package. I fell in love with 18 5th graders. I fell in love with 27 4th graders that I only saw for 30-45 minutes a day. They were fun, and smart, and frustrating, and ridiculous.

So now I’m on their substitute list. Because not only do they need a certified teacher who will keep their education going when their regular teacher isn’t well… but because I miss them, too.

Here’s to those moments where you get reminded about what made you love your career.


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