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30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 25

25. Four weird traits you have

We’re all a little weird, right? Ok….

  1. I’m big on compartmentalizing. I think a lot of things have a specific use, and those uses are absolutely not interchangeable . There are school snacks and home snacks; garbage bags and carry bags; tomato sauce pasta and cheese sauce pasta; exercise clothes and school clothes and soccer clothes and church clothes. If my kids try to eat their school snacks at home after school or on the weekends, I get very irked. Is it monumentally important? Of course not. But I can’t help it.
  2. I hate naps. Adult naps, obviously: children napping makes my day. But those occasional days off when The Hubs has the nerve… the utter GALL… to fall asleep in the middle of the day?!?! Argh!!!!!! Doesn’t he SEE all the stuff that needs to get done????????
    That being said, I require a nap once a month (if I require one every day for a week, it’s because I’m pregnant– the one nap is because I’m the *opposite of being pregnant* if you catch my drift). It only takes about 20 minutes, and then I’m back to doing whatever I have to do. But I don’t really like that I even need that nap. Sleeping is for night time. In bed. For EVERYONE.
  3. I love crafty projects. I suck at crafty projects. Scrapbooks don’t get done. Cross-stitch kits get abandoned because I messed up a line. Half-finished crochet projects everywhere…I’m getting better at it. I think.
  4. If a kid’s show is good, I’ll watch it on my own. Right now, it’s Gravity Falls and Arthur (PBS). They’re just good quality. And Gravity Falls, like Phineas & Ferb before it, is intelligent humor that I really enjoy. It’s nice to know that I can watch it with my kids… or without.

Here’s to nerd-maste: the weirdness in me honors the weirdness in you.



30 Day Writing Challenge, day 24

24. Something you miss.

Purposely vague, huh?

I miss not having to pay bills.
I miss the TV show Covington Cross.
I miss singing in a choir.
I miss singing at a Karaoke night.
I miss drinking too much with my sorority sisters.
I miss game nights with the other amazing couples The Hubs and I call friends.
I miss fun and quirky co-workers.

But I’ll tell you this: I don’t miss any of these as much as I love the things I have.

Here’s to being grateful no matter what.

New feature: Soccer Mom Sundays


I decided to do a thing.

Maybe it’ll be a regular thing.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m the Vice President of the soccer club that my sons have been playing in for a couple years. I’m not a coach, and I’m not a trainer. Heck, I’m not even match fit* right now (I’m working on that).

But I want to contribute…something. To make the game more accessible to the casual watcher. To provide more than a little understanding about the game, since a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. To navigate the sometimes murky waters of this cup, that tournament, and the other league. 

Now I realize that there are plenty of places a reader can go to find these things. I would like to be a sort of home base for readers. I hope to introduce topics and then direct readers
to some of the great resources that I have found.

If you have any questions about soccer or suggestions about what to discuss,  please let me know. I’d like to hear from you, and write about soccer every Sunday.

30-Day Writing Challenge, day 22

22. Your morning routine.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

My cousin, who lives in a DINK* situation for whatever reason that is her business, just asked me about this. More specifically, she said, “mornings must be crazy in your house!”

But I assure you– they are not.

For the first ten years of my marriage, I was out the door before 7am. A teacher’s life. My morning was: Wake up. Use the bathroom. Get dressed. Put on makeup. Eat something. Grab my stuff. Drive to work.

Then I had kids. But I still worked. My morning became: Wake up. Feed the baby. Use the bathroom. Get dressed. Skip the makeup. Grab my stuff, and maybe a bagel. Drive to work.

I don’t usually leave the house to work anymore (unless I’m substitute teaching for a friend who is a Catholic school principal, or tutoring at the client’s home). So now my morning routine is: Wake up… eventually. Get coffee. Watch the Today show. Check my email and social media. Maybe work on my book or my blog or follow up on travel agent stuff. Bonus points if I’m awake before the boys leave for school so I can get hugs and kisses. Extra credit if Buttercup sleeps even longer than I do.

Ask the Hubs about his morning– you’ll get a slightly busier answer. But the boys are very self-sufficient. So no– never crazy at my house.

Here’s to routine. Because normalcy is awesome.

*DINK= Double income, no kids.

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 21

21. Your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it fits you.

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

That being said… I was born on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. I loved reading the “Monthly Outlook” in Seventeen magazine, and to this day I check it out if I’m reading the comics and the advice column in the newspaper.

Look– everyone knows that horoscopes these days are “for entertainment purposes only.” I could read the horoscope for any zodiac sign and apply it to my life. I don’t take it seriously.

There are other people who do take it seriously, though. That’s up to them.

Here’s to making your future instead of reading about it.

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 20

January really kicked into high gear, so I let this fall to the wayside– In terms of “stuff to do in the average day,” blogging really needs to slide down the list. Oh well. If I was getting some more feedback (hint, hint), I’d be a little more diligent.

So anyways…

20. Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thought is.

Ok– I haven’t had a functioning “music player” in a while, but I do use Pandora on my phone when I’m doing a solo workout. So I just opened the app.

Wow. The 90s ruled. Flannel shirts, burgundy lipstick… good times.

In case you weren’t aware: Toad the Wet Sprocket named themselves from a Monty Python sketch that featured a number of ridiculous band names.

RIP Scott Weiland. The man was haunted, and it all caught up to him. Amazing how that can happen to the truly artistic.


Happy 2016!

I tweeted out a TON of #HappyNewYear wishes to my Twitter peeps yesterday. Maybe it will help me to actually write ‘2016’ on checks and stuff….

I’m not one for “year in review” posts. Honestly, if you want to know how my past year has gone, you can just scroll through. If I didn’t want to share it when it happened, I probably won’t want to share it now.

But I will tell you how I expect this year to go. A couple of years ago, I traded out the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions for a New Year’s Theme: a single word to remind myself of my goals. It’s worked out for me so far. So here is the word for 2016: MORE.

More freedom. More honesty. More thought. More faith. More action. More space. More adventure. More study. More friends. More health. More activity. More fun. More family.

Will there be less of some things? Most likely. But I choose to not think of it in those terms. Throwing out or donating unwanted items means more room. Less time watching TV means more time spent with loved ones. Eating less means better choices and more health.

Oh, and more soccer. Watching, practicing, playing, learning. Maybe I’ll get my Coaching License. Maybe the family will get to a couple Red Bulls games.

Here’s to a new year. I wish you more.