30-Day Writing Challenge, day 22

22. Your morning routine.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

My cousin, who lives in a DINK* situation for whatever reason that is her business, just asked me about this. More specifically, she said, “mornings must be crazy in your house!”

But I assure you– they are not.

For the first ten years of my marriage, I was out the door before 7am. A teacher’s life. My morning was: Wake up. Use the bathroom. Get dressed. Put on makeup. Eat something. Grab my stuff. Drive to work.

Then I had kids. But I still worked. My morning became: Wake up. Feed the baby. Use the bathroom. Get dressed. Skip the makeup. Grab my stuff, and maybe a bagel. Drive to work.

I don’t usually leave the house to work anymore (unless I’m substitute teaching for a friend who is a Catholic school principal, or tutoring at the client’s home). So now my morning routine is: Wake up… eventually. Get coffee. Watch the Today show. Check my email and social media. Maybe work on my book or my blog or follow up on travel agent stuff. Bonus points if I’m awake before the boys leave for school so I can get hugs and kisses. Extra credit if Buttercup sleeps even longer than I do.

Ask the Hubs about his morning– you’ll get a slightly busier answer. But the boys are very self-sufficient. So no– never crazy at my house.

Here’s to routine. Because normalcy is awesome.

*DINK= Double income, no kids.


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