Back in the Saddle

I had to read through some of my old posts to figure out what to put in a new post (something NOT related to soccer for once! I might even skip Soccer Mom Sunday this week).

I realized that I forgot to share some interesting news with you: I got a permanent teaching gig! The school that hired me as a substitute for weeks at a time found themselves in need of a Computer teacher. It’s 2 days a week, and I could honestly use the pay. The kids are good (had to find kids that aren’t), if a little rambunctious at times. I love that they get excited about their typing speed or that they are figuring out how to code. It’s everything I missed about teaching, with some of the things that I didn’t miss (hey– gotta be honest).

Here’s to using the right fingers on the keyboard, making decent slide presentations, and guest blogging on the school website. It’s a technological world out there: be prepared.


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