Twitter Cred

As the Hubs could tell you , I spend a lot of time on Twitter.

Like, a lot.


My HS bestie/sister-in-law prefers Snapchat. I’m forever tagging her in things on Twitter, maybe because I’m trying to convince her to get more into it. She’d probably do the same to me if I signed up for Snapchat…maybe. (She doesn’t need me to be her friend– she has plenty of her own.) But I just love it. It’s fast, it’s witty, it covers all sorts of topics and you can choose your #SomethingTwitter easily (I’m a #SoccerTwitter, #CatholicTwitter and #PoliticsTwitter person myself). I can interact with people I consider celebrities or experts and very often they interact right back. I even have my Twitter feed here on my blog. (NOTE: my last name on my Twitter ID isn’t real. It’s the name of the character I was asked to develop when I was doing Improv for a Renaissance Faire and my officially registered Wench name with the International Wenches Guild. I only say this because I’ve had a couple things mailed to me as “Sylvana Cymballine” and I think it’s funny as hell.)

Last night I joked that I need to monetize my Twitter game, especially the way I use .gifs in my replies. I’m not the only person to do it, mind you; in fact, there may be others who do it even better than me. But I remember when YouTube was created and no one seemed to have imagined how that has been monetized since then. I’ve seen the occasional sponsored ad, the hashtag #ad on a tweet here and there…. but what if I could get a weekly sponsor for my whole feed? Who would take me on? A soccer team? A political website? Cleaning products? (I barely typed that last one with a straight face: No one is looking to me as an example of clean living…)

But it would be pretty cool to get paid for all the time I spend on Twitter. Even though the Hubs doesn’t mind altogether much, he’d be much more amenable to it.

Here’s to finding ways to follow your bliss.


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