I happened upon a can of worms…

…and quickly ran to get my can opener.


5-cent version: coach who ignored allegations of sexual assault by players fired for ignoring allegations of SEXUAL ASSAULT BY PLAYERS.

This is… just… ugh- I’m speechless.

No, I’m not.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!? You can’t look up from your playbook for five seconds and see that you have players who feel so entitled to everything that they helped themselves to unwilling women? That it’s not your place to discipline them when you talk a huge game about your team being ‘your boys’? Are you more beholden to the guys who make the books on the weekend or the alumni who buy season tickets than to any woman who is attacked? (Because– no lie– one of the headlines I saw was about the team’s odds for winning the National Championship dropping as as result of this firing. That’s what’s important, after all.)

I just listened to an interview of a World Cup USMNT coach (because, let’s face it, soccer is my wheelhouse) who led a disastrous campaign. In the build-up to the World Cup, he was informed of a player who was up to no good (in more ways than one). Dismissing that player was a factor in subsequent poor performance on the part of the team. But the coach stands by the decision, despite wishing he had never been informed of the misconduct and knowing that he should have been more upfront with team leadership about why the player was dismissed.

So I’ve been thinking about that a bit over the past few days. What is the place of a coach when it comes to player conduct? Is it different based on the institution they represent? Does the coach have an obligation to be transparent about his/her decisions and what factors make up those decisions?

But it goes even deeper than that to me, as a parent. Do I trust the people who are in charge of my sons right now when they are playing a sport? Will I always be able to trust them? And what will I do if I cannot?

Here’s to truth, because it will out, as the old saying goes.


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