Monthly Archives: June 2016

And they’re off!

All of them.
The whole summer.

It’s that time of year again, when pajamas are the outfit of the day and there are no definite plans for the VAST majority of the week.

Soccer here and there, play dates, vacation activities. And of course “summer slide” prevention in the form of reading and math packets. But mostly….down time. Lots of down time.

But you know what? I’m taking a slightly different approach this time. I’m going to focus more on myself than the kids. They are welcome to come to me for ideas on what to do, but I hope to inspire them to keep busy by keeping myself busy. I have a lot of little projects that need to be finished (and some big ones, too), and I need to make plans for the weeks and months to come. Time management is the name of the game. I’ll schedule in some time to keep you posted on my progress over the summer. (I’m most likely going to keep the Soccer Mom Sunday posts going along with a weekly update. My Twitter feed, which is available on my blog page, will have daily updates.)

So, if you’ll excuse me… it’s time to get started.
Here’s to finishing what you start, from building a deck to emptying that bottle of wine. I won’t judge.