Soccer Mom Sunday 2017, #1

Happy new year, everybody in blog-land!

As usual, I allowed life to come between me and my online journal. So, what better way to get back into the blogging groove than revitalizing the only feature I ever chose to create? You’re welcome.

Just because I haven’t been writing about soccer doesn’t mean I’ve had nothing to do with soccer. The boys finished their seasons…all less than stellar. But it’s our local club, and they all still learned and had fun, which is most important. Toughie is doing a special camp for NJ Youth Soccer, which is the precursor for their Olympic Development program (or ODP, which Eric Wynalda says also stands for “Over-Determined Parent.”) The other boys will probably do a different camp, and then back to the season with their teams.

I watch soccer like it’s going out of style: Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS Cup. I’m starting to follow RB Leipzig, who was just promoted to the Bundesliga this season. They’re owned by the same company as the New York Red Bulls, but they can’t use the company name because of Bundesliga regulations. The team gets protested against and attacked. And that makes me kinda like them more. Because when you watch them, you know the skill is solid. So while I will enjoy any fixture, there’s a special place in my heart for Die Roten Bullen.

I’m not really good at New Year’s resolutions (sure sounds to me like no one is), but I decided to get myself out more, and that includes soccer. I have met some really nice people who have gifted me some tickets, but even if I’m just at a bar watching a game with other fans, that’s more than I’m doing now. It’s supposed to be fun to be a fan, so let’s have some fun this year!

Have a great 2017, and play on!


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