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For how long, exactly?

(Oh, Mr. Cooper, such a tease….but school really is only out for summer.)

So the grammar school year is done. There’s a year-end party in Pre-K, so Pint-Size Genius has one more day. (NOTE: I’m going to try out these nicknames for now. Maybe they’ll stick.)

I am mentally prepared for the boys to be awake and bored at 5 am tomorrow. I’m also in possession of the mental fortitude to prevent the TV being their babysitter this summer. We’re joining the Summer Book Club at the Library, and the supply of extra bathing suits is already at the pool. All of them have workbooks and notebooks to practice school skills, and the chore charts are ready to go.

In September, all three boys will be spending their days in school. There might be more than coffee in my mug that day…but probably not, since there will be an almost one-year-old with me. Or I might be heading to work myself. I don’t really know until it happens. 

On a barely related note… I can’t stand the word ‘vacay.’ Maybe because it’s not a word. I don’t usually say anything, but it just might come up. I’m going to do my damndest to make sure this blog doesn’t become a running list of “things that bug me.” So thanks for your consideration.