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Who’s the boss?

Generally speaking, I’m the Switzerland of Mommy Wars. I understand that everyone has the right to choose what is best for them. To be honest, there are times when I have been on both sides of a particular issue (I’m a stay-at-home-mom now, but I worked with the other three babies; I nurse, but my babies turned me down before they could go to cow’s milk, so we ended up with formula; I’m no stickler for organic foods, but the cute little pouches are so dang convenient!).

I think the only thing I’m vehement about is keeping a schedule… or, rather, not keeping a schedule. I never forced my kids to take naps, and I certainly never made it so that my kids only slept in a bassinet or crib. If I’m out somewhere, and the baby falls asleep in her car seat, I’ll finish what I was doing and bring her home. If she’s till asleep, she stays in the car seat in the house. Maybe she takes 2, 3-hour naps; maybe she takes 5, 1/2 hour naps. The boys are not required to be silent when she’s sleeping, just as I never required that of myself or anyone in our home when the boys were nappers. The children do not run the house: never have, never will. I found putting them on a schedule was only putting me on a schedule.

Besides, we live with enough of a schedule anyway. School, soccer, church, parties… why add to that?

(NOTE: this is NOT about sleep training. If you’re teaching your child to sleep through the night, rock on, Gurl.)