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…and the living is busy! (Sorry, Mr. Gershwin.) But there will be no electronic hypnosis this summer!

I sent Pint-Size Genius* to Pre-K for the last time. He had a great time, since it was the year-end party. When I came to pick him, he started to cry when he hugged his teacher, and collected himself quickly…but he cried for a solid half-hour when he got home. He’s going to miss his friends! Totally broke my heart. He didn’t even eat lunch… which is actually just as well, because he wouldn’t have wanted the tuna lettuce wraps I made. (They went over really well with The Regulator* and Toughie,* which surprised me!)

I decided to offer him a distraction by taking him and his brothers to the pool. It was Buttercup’s* first time in the bathing suit. Of course she looked great, but I gotta say: she really enjoyed being in the water! Splashing and giggling, she totally tuckered herself out. In fact, the boys are all tuckered out too.

We have all three boys in one room, and as such we used to put them all to bed at once, but since they’re getting older, they want to be treated differently. So now we have staggered bedtimes— each one a half-hour later than the younger. Honestly it’s easier on me, too: I only have to worry about one set of teeth getting brushed, one set of prayers, one tucking in at a time. 

Buttercup gets to go last, but that’s really because she naps twice a day. Sometimes, like tonight, she’s tired and cranky and singing to me the song of her people….but it doesn’t bother me. It bothered me when my oldest was a baby; but I finally learned that they can’t much help it, can they? So why complain? 

* I finally decided on nicknames for the kids; I’ll explain them in the next post.