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Cleanliness is next to crankiness

(I posted a version of this statement in my LiveJournal– remember those?– many years ago, but it still applies.)

I have an inner Donna Reed who encourages me to keep a clean house and wear pearls while doing dishes; I also have an inner Roseanne Connor who smacks her upside the head and hands me a bag of Cheetos as we watch TV.

I’m not sure I ever really learned to be a homemaker in the housekeeping department. I know what to do; I just don’t have the discipline to do it all the time. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a lot of space: toys and papers have no place to ‘live.’ The dishwasher? You’re reading her words right now. And a washer and dryer? I do not love driving to my laundry appliances. All of this stuff conspires against me, to the point where I get very frustrated.


(Yeah, pretty much…)

Thankfully a friend passed along a link to FlyLady. So at least I’m learning to make new habits. It’s slow going, but I’m working on it. And every so often I get excited about cleaning supplies. New dish drain that resists mold? Awesomesauce! A rented carpet cleaner coming to my home soon? W00t!!! And I still can’t find those fabulous purple Scotch-Brite dish scrubbers that don’t trap food. (Grrr…)

I’m whittling away at clutter. The Regulator’s toys are getting smaller (i.e., DS games), which is helpful. We keep a lot of stuff because we think we need it. But then we look at it a year later, and we really have no use for it. And now Buttercup is practicing standing up and pulling that junk to the floor in the process. So, yeah. de-cluttering is the name of the game. My kingdom for a session with Peter Walsh!