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Win the battle, the war might follow

This is effectively the first real day of Summer Vacation. So far, books and magazines have been read, laundry has been prepared, tables have been cleaned, and a bed has been made.

I made a list of little chores that can be done almost every day and put them in a bowl. In order to get computer time, five of those chores must be finished. The boys finished all 5 each in about 2 hours. But the best part was that no one minded doing the chores and earning the time. At our current rate, all the boys will use their computer time by lunch. If they want more computer time, or some time on the Wii, they can do more chores after lunch. I also love that I don’t feel as guilty about letting them play games since they did something productive first.

Here’s to keeping up the good work.


Our Mum, she’s so House-proud…

… except, I’m not. Yeah– I’m back to thinking about cleaning. I know I’ve talked about it before, but this stuff keeps coming around.

I don’t know if I ever really learned to keep house. Maybe my mother never taught me; maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when she was. Either way, I know how to clean my house, but all too often, I just let everything go. I’d rather read, play with my kids, hang on Facebook, watch TV…. anything other than cleaning.

I know that it can get better. I just have to pick my battles… it’s just that I pick the easy ones all the time. Anyone can defeat laundry or the dishes– you have to eat, and you have to be dressed in public. I even annihilate the desk junk-monster on a regular basis. It’s the bigger stuff that I prefer to ignore: the pile of clothes that don’t fit anyone now but will fit someone soon; the random things that gather on the bookshelf; the kids’ art pile.

The fact that the Hubs forgets stuff on his way out the door has convinced me that something needs to change. He needs s p a c e . . .

We all need space.

And we’ll get there. Just not today. Today, I’ll clear off the dining room table. And maybe the bookshelves.

Here’s to learning to keep house consistently.