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Happy Father’s Day!

I’m sure mine is not the only post on this topic, but that’s ok. 

I know that I’m lucky to have all the father-figure types in my life. From a Korea veteran who survived life in the trenches, to a hardworking dairy farmer who supported and raised 12 kids, who became doctors, judges, veterinarians, and parents; from a dad who’s gone to work today because kids battling addiction need to eat, to an uncle recovering from heart surgery; from a father-in-law who dares to go against the grain when it comes to religion and politics, to a set of godfathers for my children who really are a good example (no matter what I tell you to the contrary).

And, of course, the hubs. I’ve made good on my promise and let him nap on the couch. But he really is a great guy. He embraced my SAHM status even when I didn’t, and he does everything he can to keep our children happy. He works hard, he enjoys life, and he knows who he is. 

So thank you, dads. I’ve known for a long time that I couldn’t have done it without you.