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You only get one!

I decided that my kids only get one trip to the ER. The other day Buttercup cashed in her opportunity…
She loves to climb. Couches, tables, people… you name it. Occasionally she falls off, but it never bothers her and she almost never gets hurt. Almost.
She really did a number on herself the other day. I was silently freaking out when it looked like she cut her tongue. So I took her to the local ER. The nurse tried to get a good look at her mouth, and as usual, she wasn’t terribly accommodating. But it was while we waited for the doctor to come in that Buttercup did the most surprising thing: she started climbing. She tried to jump off the hospital bed, climb the chair next to the bed, and was her usual daredevil self. I actually apologized to the doc when she came in! I was clearly about to waste her time. No stitches, no antibiotics, nothing. I drove her in the pouring rain for naught but my own peace of mind.

Here’s to the occasional cardio workout courtesy of a fearless toddler.