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What to say, what to say…

I got a tablet when my mini-laptop died. It’s pretty awesome. I can check e-mail, post to social media (or maybe a blog), play some games, and of course get some work done. Working for PartyLite, the majority of my “business” is done via email and social media anyway. But it started getting a little tedious. See, tablet = no keyboard. And I’m not really in love with typing on a screen, even though Ido it all the time on my phone. In fact, I was content to do work on my phone because the tablet keyboard was uncomfortable. What I wanted was one of those nifty external keyboards. But they were on the expensive side– nothing available for less than $70. That’s kind of demanding as a gift, and definitely not an amount I’d be willing to spend on myself.

Tonight, the Hubs comes home, having stopped at BJ’s on his way (the milk prices alone are with the membership fee!) and announces that he has a present for me. In his bag. He opens the bag.
Bananas– that wasn’t the gift.
Kids’ vitamins– that wasn’t the gift.
The he pulls out a box and hands it to me.
A Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. It was on clearance. Less than $30.

I’m totally digging it. So much so that I had to write a blog post.

Here’s to getting more stuff done.


Ah! I feel weefweshed!

(Quote: Lilly Von Shtupp, “Blazing Saddles.” I’m generally of the opinion that the late great Madeleine Kahn really had a speech impediment and any role where she didn’t speak with one was her acting.)

We recently returned from our annual beach vacation. Some people might say a week with the in-laws doesn’t sound like much of a vacation, but that’s never been the issue. For me, it’s been a week in a different house with my children. As a Stay-At-Home-Mom, that is Not. A. Vacation. That’s just… relocation. In the past, I’ve honestly not been all that psyched about going. But the kids love it, so I never said anything.

That’s when I remembered my New Year’s Resolution– speak up more, be more honest. I can pretty much peg one occasion a month where I’ve heeded my own advice and it has yet to lead me astray. It’s as they say: Honesty is a positive course of action that yields satisfying results. (Ok, “they” say it in a more slant rhyme fashion, but where’s the fun in that?)

So I spoke to the Hubs about why I wasn’t all that excited to go to the beach house. That he spends the whole week with his nose in his Kindle. That I have to encourage the kids to get away from the TV and hit the beach. That I’m the one to feed, diaper, escort, and discipline the kids. And I can do all that for a lot less money by staying home.

Well! Miracle of miracles, my honesty paid off. By the time we’d settled in that first day, we’d eaten at two restaurants already so we agreed on sandwiches and chips for dinner. I got Pint Size Genius his sandwich and took it to the table for him to start eating. When I turned around, there it was: the Hubs, making Toughie his dinner.

Now you should know– and if you don’t, let me put it on the record here– the Hubs is not derelict in Daddy duties. He often feeds, clothes, escorts, medicates, diapers, and disciplines. He just treated our vacation as his vacation… from all that. And that don’t work for me.

The rest of the week continued in that same vein. Too many requests from the kids used to get the response, “Ask [parent that I am not]” from both of us. Not this time.

So the vacation went better than usual. Although I’m still considering a “girl’s day out” to a beach… where day drinking is acceptable and I don’t have to change a diaper.

Here’s to speaking up and being rewarded with a good time.